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Seek services if...


2 months:

  • Doesn't respond to loud sounds 

  • Doesn't watch things as they move

  • Doesn't smile at people 

  • Doesn't bring hands to mouth 

  • Can't hold head up when pushing up when on tummy

4 months: 

  • Doesn't watch things as they move 

  • Doesn't smile at people  

  • Can't hold head steady 

  • Doesn't coo of make sounds 

  • Doesn't bring things to mouth 

  • Doesn't push down with legs when feet are place on a hard surface 

  • Has trouble moving one or both eyes in all directions 

6 months:

  • Doesn't try to get things that are in reach 

  • Shows no affections for caregivers 

  • Doesn't respond to sounds around him 

  • Has difficulty getting things to mouth 

  • Doesn't make vowel sounds (/ah, /eh, /oh/) 

  • Doesn't roll over in either directions 

  • Doesn't laugh or make squealing sounds 

  • Seems very stiff, with tight muscles 

  • Seems very floppy, like a rag doll 

9 months: 

  • Doesn't bear weight on legs with support

  • Doesn't sit with help 

  • Doesn't babble ex. "mama", "baba", "dada") 

  • Doesn't play any games involving back and forth play

  • Doesn't respond to own name 

  • Doesn't seem to recognize familiar people 

  • Doesn't look where you point 

  • Doesn't transfer toys from one hand to the other

12 months: 

  • Doesn't crawl

  • Can't stand when supported

  • Doesn't search for things that she sees you hide 

  • Doesn't say single words with meaning 

  • Doesn't learn gestures like waving or shaking head "no" 

  • Doesn't point to things 

  • Loses skills he once had 

​18 months:        

  •  ​Doesn't point to show things to others 

  • Can't walk 

  • Doesn't know what familiar things are for 

  • Doesn't copy others 

  • Doesn't use new words 

  • Doesn't have at least 6 words 

  • Doesn't notice or mind when a caregiver leaves or returns 

  • Loses skills he once had 

  • Behavior impacts his ability to learn new skills 

  • Behavior is harmful or dangerous to himself or others

24 months: 

  • Doesn't use 2-word phrases (ex. "drink milk") 

  • Doesn't know what to do with common things, ex. like a brush, phone, fork.

  • Doesn't copy actions and words 

  • Doesn't follow simple instructions 

  • Doesn't walk steadily 

  • Loses skills she once had 

  • Behavior interferes with the ability to participate in community settings (ex. daycare, grocery story, park, etc.) 

  • Behavior interferes with following necessary tasks in the daily routine (bathing, brushing teeth, brushing hair, going to sleep, etc.) 

  • Inappropriate behavior (such as hitting, kicking, biting, head banging, yelling, running away in the community etc.) occurs frequently

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