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Services Provided

Special Instruction-Hearing
Specializes in:
Sign Language
Ear Infections
Cochlear Implants
Hearing Aides
Listening and Spoken Language
Our Special Instructors and Speech and Language Pathologists have years of experience working specifically with young children who are deaf or hard of hearing. These skilled professionals can provide parents with the necessary information and support to make difficult decisions about their child's amplification needs (ex. cochlear implants, hearing aids, bone anchored devices or fm systems).  They are skilled at teaching parents how to engage their child in everyday activities while working hard to achieve speech, language and auditory goals.
Expertise from a specialist in the area of hearing is sometimes needed to assist families in navigating through the routines of everyday life when they care for a child who is deaf, hard of hearing or when the child’s spoken communication is delayed.  When this is the case, Happy Hearts can provide families with a special instructor who is additionally qualified by their knowledge of hearing challenges, technology and resources.  This special instructor who is a Teacher of the Deaf may use sign language as per the goal or communication choice that families desire for their child.  The teacher works with the families to guide them regarding language attainment, strategies to reach family goals, considerations when a child has a limited hearing ability, assistive technology and any resources that may be needed to further enhance the family’s capability to support their child.  An ongoing relationship with the special instructor grows a family’s confidence in their own abilities to meet the needs of their child.    
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